Sunday, June 24, 2012

BIC Soleil Savvy Razor Review

I am a member of a wonderful website called When you join for free you become a BzzAgent and you will get free products and samples to try just for your opinions. You will also receive points for reviews and activities that you can redeem for prizes. I have been a BzzAgent for years now and love getting free products, samples, and coupons to try. I decided to write a review on one of the items I was sent to try out.

I sometimes use BIC brand throw away razors. I am not that fond of them just because they seem to nic me more so then any other brand. I figured I would try this one and see how it worked. It's a simple razor, no fancy bells or whistles on it and It worked great for me! It left my legs nice and smooth with no bleeding or nics at all. It has 3 blades and worked great in one sweep to get all the hairs.

 The con about this to me is you cannot buy replacement cartridges for it, so It's basically just a throw away razor, which stinks because I really like the handle. When you purchase this razor you do get 4 cartridges with it but they do not sell them seperately to purchase. So, for around $8.00 I think it's a bit pricey.


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  2. yea i def hate how expensive those things can get sometimes! i def try to find deals with coupons when i can when it comes to razors!