Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lysol No Touch Kitchen Soap System Review

I bought this product 2 weeks ago ONLY because I had a $4.00 off coupon. I was never really interested in the "hands free" soap systems...mostly because I think they are a waste of money. More sanitary yes definately if you don't want to touch a bottle with slimy chicken hands for example, BUT you still have to touch the faucet to turn the water on LOL! Anyway, so I purchased this item and thought it was pretty cool to use. I did read some reviews and was aware that the refills are small and cost over $4.00 a piece, but I figured since I am getting this product for $5 I might as well give it a try.

It worked GREAT for the 1st week, no problems and dispensed just the right amount of soap on my sponge. Then all of a sudden after 5 days it stopped working. I changed the cheap batteries it came with thinking it was them, but nope, still not working. My husband even took it apart to see if he could find a problem but all looks well. The motor must have died in it or the sensor.

So I wrote a complaint to Lysol last week and STILL have not heard back from them regarding my issue. Hopefully I will soon, or that is just horrible customer service. I did find a couple other reviews on this product that state the same thing happened.

Overall it is a good idea, WHEN IT WORKS!


  1. i need this!!!

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  3. Shame on Lysol for marketing a crap product headed straight for a land fill site!