Monday, May 28, 2012

Playtex Baby First Lil' Gripper Twist 'n Click Straw Trainer Cup 7 Ounce, Review

My son is 10 months old, and when he was 7 months we started looking around for a good straw sippy cup. I was at Target and found the Playtex First Lil' Gripper straw cup, and it looked good, so I figured let's give this one a try. My son took to it right away. This cup has a valve, so the milk doesn't come out fast for the little ones. and the lid clicks tight to close so it doesn't leak, even when you hold it upside down.
The only thing I don't like about this cup is if he tips it upside down the milk comes pouring out of the straw. We have tried other straw cups where that doesn't happen, I am hoping Playtex can take a look at that issue and resolve it with a future cup or new valve system. You can read more about this cup at I purchased mine at Target for about $4.00.


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  4. I love these and use them with my little girl. It was a good transition from the bottle and the handles are very helpful for gripping.
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  5. This Playtex First Lil' Gripper straw cup is very eye-catching because of its color and design. For sure kids would love to drink using this. This will help them learn the way of drinking using straw.